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We always take the time needed to produce a perfect portrait of each student. We deliver individual portraits that the parents want to put on the wall. Not only a registration to the school.

As a new service at  R O S E N F E L D T, the parents can now see and select the school portraits of their children. In addition, they can combine the photo package as they wish.

If the parents do not have the time to select photos, we will of course choose the best one, as we use to do.


We offer the best price of high-end school photos on the market and we still make sure to deliver the same high quality as we always do.


If for some reason, the parents are not entirely satisfied with the portrait, they can return it at no cost. The number of photos returned to us is extremely low, between 1-6 %, and this is how we measure our success.


In 2016, we will cooperate with more than 30 schools, mainly in Copenhagen, Gentofte, Lyngby and North Zealand.
As many of our schools have between 700 and 1,100 students we are used to handle a large number of data. Some of our school are English speaking, thus, all our material exists in both Danish and English.


A close collaboration with our schools is key and being located close to many of them is advantageous for both the schools and for us. We are very thankful to the many parents who have recommended us to other schools.


We know what a beautiful portrait looks like.
We photograph the number of schools that we are capable of.
We create a cosy atmosphere and photograph until we are satisfied.
We appreciate our job.

This is our secret.